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We are Jorge & Febe, a Husband & Wife Wedding & Family Photography team. Our love for photography started the moment we were engaged and we began to create the story behind our own engagement session. It was such a magical time for us that we felt this longing to be part of the process of capturing memories for other families. Being able to do so is what we love most.

We are originally from Miami and have recently moved to Windermere, Florida. So we decided to open up this blog to document this new journey in our life. We hope you follow along.

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"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

Henry David Thoreau

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Marriage Retreat Weekend at Naples Grande Resort

Naples Grande Resort - Marriage Retreat


This past weekend we went on our an annual marriage retreat held by our former church in Miami, partnered with a church in Dover. It was held at Naples Grande Resort, a beautiful location right by the Gulf Coast that had it’s own private access to the beach. This year we weren’t so sure that we would be able to attend but God’s plan was that we should not miss this year’s retreat, making it our 5th year in a row being able to attend. It has been pretty awesome to see how God has kept us coming back for two more years, now photographing memories for all the wonderful couples participating and learning more about each other for our very own marriage.

The way the marriage retreat works is we stay for the weekend at a resort on the west coast of Florida (Friday night through Sunday midday) and meet with the group for some sessions. Typically there is a set theme for the weekend that ties together all topics discussed. This year it was about taking the mystery out of marriage. During these sessions we get to learn more about each other, our needs, how we each think and are wired, and what a healthy godly marriage looks like. We listen to important pointers, break out into discussion groups, and participate in competitions with your spouse against other couples for the chance to win a prize.

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How To Make Cuban Coffee (Espresso) At Home – Cafe cubano

Cuban coffee espresso cafe cubano

Our morning cup of coffee or well shot of espresso.

Our morning coffee is something that we take very seriously at our home. It is a rule to not leave the house if we haven’t had our morning shot. Now we’d love the ability to wake up to the smell of a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning, but the kind of coffee we drink kind of doesn’t allow for that to happen. See we like espresso coffee made out of a Moka pot and we like our coffee strong, but sweet.

We drink Cuban coffee, as is of our culture to do so. So we are usually packing some Bustelo or Café La LLave into our moka pot, adding some water, and placing it on the stove to brew. Once we remove it from the stove we make some espumita. That is basically a coat of sugar that we add to our espresso to make it sweet. And when we say this is sweet espresso we mean it. It’s sweet.

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Homemade Guava Pastries – Pastelitos de Guayaba – Orlando Lifestyle

Pastelitos de Guayaba - Guava Pastries - Cuban

We’ve been thinking that it is about time we get some food up on this blog, so what better than some guayaba pastelitos (guava pastries). Before you scroll down to see some delicious guava pastries let me tell you how amazing it was to find this recipe on My Big Fat Cuban Family’s blog.

Since we moved from Hialeah to Windermere it has been a little bit rough finding some good pastelitos. They are mostly sold on the east side of Orlando so since we live on the west side it is quite the trek to get some pastries. Although that is not to say that guava pastelitos are not worth the trek because they totally are. But the prices are much higher than they were in Miami/Hialeah, which is understandable since they are considered more of a unique or uncommon food item. However, it hurts our pockets to pay for what we knew we would get for less. So for a while we just went without. And oh how hard it was going from having pastries on a weekly basis to not having any.

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Yosemite National Park – San Francisco Day Trip

Yosemite National Park - San Francisco Day Trip - Orlando lifestyle blog

Yosemite National Park - San Francisco Day Trip - Orlando lifestyle blog


Hey guys! Let’s talk about the beautiful, amazing, and breathtaking Yosemite National Park. We were so excited to be visiting San Francisco earlier this year, but when we found out we would just be a few hours away from Yosemite we were elated! We have been wanting to check out more and more nature spots and national parks are high on the list. Although we had rented a car we figured the three-hour drive to and from would take a toll on us since we were already experiencing some jet lag and long days. So we looked up some tours and booked our tour with GuideYou.com.

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What to do in San Francisco – Travel Trip

San Francisco Travel Trip - Orlando Lifestyle blog

San Francisco Travel Trip - Orlando Lifestyle blog

San Francisco! So I have to say, all the while we were preparing for our trip I continued to sing the San Francisco song by Scott McKenzie. Yes cheesy but I couldn’t help it. We were so excited! This year we decided that from now on as long as we had the opportunity we would be gifting ourselves travel trips as our birthday presents. We figured these are gifts that last so much longer because we get to experience new places together and create new memories!

Now that our trip came and went, we have been bit by the travel bug and can’t wait to pick out a next stop. But before we can start planning we need to swoon over San Francisco just a little longer.

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Paint Date – Home Date – Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Orlando Blogger Paint Date

Last weekend Jorge and I gathered some old paintbrushes, some paint, and a big white canvas to take on a project together that we had never done before as a couple. Jorge is definitely the more artistic one of the two of us. I have many artists in my family, but I cannot draw for the life of me. So when I heard that painting can be a therapeutic way to de-stress, I asked Jorge if he had any old paint from his college days that we could use for an at home paint project.

With painting parties being offered all around, painting seems like something just so fun. But since I am so bad at it I get frustrated. So we thought, since I am not feeling confident enough to go to one just yet, instead of spending money at a public setting we took our materials out to our yard and let our minds run wild. Jorge showed me the ropes. He’s done quite a few number of paintings before and suggested that we work together on an abstract painting. That way I didn’t need to feel bad if my “apple” for instance didn’t really look like an apple.

Now how did it really go?

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Atlanta Travel – Piedmont Park, Stone Mountain Park



Atlanta Piedmont Park Travel Couple Trip

Atlanta Piedmont Park Travel Couple Trip

Since we started living in Orlando about a year ago we had been interested in the idea of visiting Atlanta especially since it doesn’t feel like such a far trek so we decided to do a quick road trip on over to our neighboring state right before Thanksgiving and get to know a little more about the city.

Now I wouldn’t say when it comes to travel we are great “planners” we usually do some research, ask some friends, look online, compile a list and then forget it on our way to our destination. Or even if we remember our list somehow we wake up the morning of and decide to just attempt one thing on the list and see how the rest goes. It seems to have worked for us so far. We don’t feel too much pressure to accomplish too much and we take our time and soak in what we are doing.

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Atlanta Piedmont Park Travel Couple Trip