How To Make Cuban Coffee (Espresso) At Home – Cafe cubano

Cuban coffee espresso cafe cubano

Our morning cup of coffee or well shot of espresso.

Our morning coffee is something that we take very seriously at our home. It is a rule to not leave the house if we haven’t had our morning shot. Now we’d love the ability to wake up to the smell of a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning, but the kind of coffee we drink kind of doesn’t allow for that to happen. See we like espresso coffee made out of a Moka pot and we like our coffee strong, but sweet.

We drink Cuban coffee, as is of our culture to do so. So we are usually packing some Bustelo or Café La LLave into our moka pot, adding some water, and placing it on the stove to brew. Once we remove it from the stove we make some espumita. That is basically a coat of sugar that we add to our espresso to make it sweet. And when we say this is sweet espresso we mean it. It’s sweet.

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