Homemade Guava Pastries – Pastelitos de Guayaba – Orlando Lifestyle

Pastelitos de Guayaba - Guava Pastries - Cuban

We’ve been thinking that it is about time we get some food up on this blog, so what better than some guayaba pastelitos (guava pastries). Before you scroll down to see some delicious guava pastries let me tell you how amazing it was to find this recipe on My Big Fat Cuban Family’s blog.

Since we moved from Hialeah to Windermere it has been a little bit rough finding some good pastelitos. They are mostly sold on the east side of Orlando so since we live on the west side it is quite the trek to get some pastries. Although that is not to say that guava pastelitos are not worth the trek because they totally are. But the prices are much higher than they were in Miami/Hialeah, which is understandable since they are considered more of a unique or uncommon food item. However, it hurts our pockets to pay for what we knew we would get for less. So for a while we just went without. And oh how hard it was going from having pastries on a weekly basis to not having any.

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